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Vacuum levels on Recovery Tanks

Skipping this step can really ruin the value of recovered refrigerants.  If you don't measure the vacuum level on the recovery tank you risk mixing your recovery job with the gas from the last contents.  A 15" vacuum on a tank is only 50% evacuated!  If you recover 10 lb from a small condensing unit .8 oz.  will reduce the purity below the AHRI Standard.  We recommend at least a 28.5 " vacuum to keep the purity level in tact.  Don't skip this step.

Recovery Tips!

  • Loss loss fittings hold enough refrigerant change the buyback price.

  • Compressor oil in Low Pressure machines hold POUNDS of refrigerant.

  • The condenser section of the recovery machine holds refrigerant too.

  • The mechanic before you may have introduced the wrong refrigerant into the system.  

  • One recovery job = One tank  Don't combine jobs.  

Cylinder Filling Guidelines


We get this question all the time.  "I was told I can only put 800 lb. in 1000 lb. Cylinder".  20 years ago this was the guidance.  There are two authorities when it comes to filling cylinders.  AHRI gives guidance in Guideline K.  The Department of Transportation has regulations.  The DOT allows higher amounts and they are the legal authority on the subject.  


The good news is you can put more R22 in 1000 lb. cylinder.  AHRI recommends 957.60 lb.  The DOT limit is 1050lb.  Follow the link to an article in The NEWS.


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