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How does it work?

First time you drop off we have to collect the following information. 
1. Drivers License
2. Payment method preference.  (Pickup up check, Venmo, Paypal, Echeck)

When you arrive we an area set up to drop off recovery cylinders or any type of refrigerant cylinder or drum you might have.  

3. We will create a Bill of Lading (BOL) detailing what you dropped off and your signature will attest you are the owner of the material and it is yours to offer for sale.   
4. You will receive a paper copy of the BOL and a Text in case you lose your paper copy.  
5. We then weigh each cylinder and record the details of the Gross Weight, Tare Weight and the test results of what the cylinder contains.  
6. Upon completion we will create a receiving report that is used to create your payment. 
7. Payment is made via your preferred method.  


1. Do you need a 608 License?   - You do not a 608 License to sell refrigerant to an EPA Certified Reclaimer.  You will need a 608 License to purchase refrigerants from us.  
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